January, 2004

  1. Fussy Cat.

    January 30, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    So very tired. I haven’t been sleeping all that well lately. Couple that with an aching back, constant headaches and everything else…well, I’m not a happy camper. I haven’t been to pool since last Wednesday…it just hurts too much.

    It’s funny, but other than not feeling well…I’m in a good mood. Life is fantabulous. Divorce is in the works. Wedding plans being made. Well, ok, we haven’t gotten THAT far yet. But I’m making plans to make plans, doesn’t that count for something?

    Tomorrow, we’re off to PA for the meeting of the parents™. Should be interesting. My Mom’s got a great menu planned out for dinner and I think they’ll get along well. Here’s to hoping!

    AND…I also got my package in from Little Shop of Beauty. My office smells heavenly. I can’t wait to get home and try some of the stuff, along with the goodies I got in yesterday from Lush. Tonight’s plans include a glass of raspberry wine, a hot bath and an attempt at finishing the book on the Lusitania that I’m reading. Ahhhh.

    Thank heavens it’s Friday!

    Bailey aka The Spawn of Satan Cat got her female parts removed yesterday. The boy picked her up from the Humane Society after they were done with her. I took advantage of her doped up state and trimmed all her front claws. After I brought the cat carrier out into the living room, she disappeared (wobbled) under the couch and we haven’t seen her since last night.

    All kinds of peace and quiet last night AND I COULDN’T SLEEP. But Murron sure did. Wrapped around my feet like big fuzzy slippers. We let her sleep with us last night, knowing Bailey wouldn’t be in any shape to put up a fuss about being left alone. Sometime during the night, Murron got pissed and knocked all of my stuff off of my bedside table. The boy let her out of the bedroom when he went to work. My alarm clock went off and I found my glasses, pills and engagement ring in the trash can.

    My cat is a dork. But she’s a spoiled dork.

  2. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

    January 27, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Had a nice impromptu three day weekend, thanks to the nice covering of snow yesterday. We did nothing but lay around the house pretty much all weekend. Sent the boy out in the freezing cold on Saturday to get my divorce papers in the mail. (In this state, to do certified service of divorce papers, someone other than yourself has to take the papers and mail them…go figure.) That night, we went over to see our friends Dan and Lisa. Got our drink on, ate some pizza and watched “American Wedding.” Slept in on Sunday and just did a few loads of laundry before the Caps/Flyers game at 7.

    Both of us called out of work yesterday and slept in. It felt so good. I got some stuff done around the house and tinkered around on my computer. We went out late in the afternoon and cleared all the snow off of our cars, then made a run for dinner over to Royal Farms and grabbed some subs. Monday being what it was…we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Law & Order.

    Today’s forecast…ICE. Not good. It was a slick ride into work this morning, and there’s no way I’m staying until close if the weather does what they’re saying it’s gonna do. And that’s freezing rain. And lots of it. Turning into snow later tonight, with a possibility of another 1″-3″. I’ve gotten all my work done so I can skip out early.

    Flyers played well this weekend, but my boy Tony’s out with a tear in his MCL. I cringe every time I see the replay of when he got hit by his own guy. Seems to be a theme with them.

    Ok, things to do, tea to drink, co-workers to harass…

  3. Feed The Demon.

    January 21, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    It feels like my head is going to cave in on itself. My back is in a knot and the backs of my legs are numb. My right knee feels like it’s clamped in a vise. I’m exhausted…can’t stop yawning…didn’t sleep too well last night and I don’t know why.

    But did that stop me from ordering? Noooooo. Of course not. My addiction must be fed.

    And I must also be fed. Hence the reason the boss is off to McDonald’s…to acquire me a bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken.

    Oh, God. How did my browser end up on Sephora’s site?

    Can I register there for my wedding, like I did at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

  4. Car Fire.

    January 21, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    I seriously need to get a secure digital memory card for my pen cam. That way, I can start carrying the damn thing around with me wherever I go, and not have to worry about the batteries dying and losing the pictures.

    Today’s excitement? I work across the street from a high-rise apartment/office building. As of right now, all the roads around us are blocked off by police vehicles. There are fire trucks and rescue vehicles all over the place. There are hoses snaking across the road, pumping out hundreds of gallons of water a second. A ladder truck has its ladder extended a few floors up the building. The firefighters are in full gear.

    Why? A car is on fire in the fourth floor (or fifth, no one’s really sure) garage. It’s an interesting scene. This is the most excitement we’ve had in quite some time.

    Would’ve been fun to have had my camera with me.

  5. Bobby Clarke Must DIE.

    January 20, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    To say I wish Bobby Clarke a most violent death is a bit of an understatement.  Once again, he has just proved to me that he should never be at the helm of an NHL team.

    Once again, he has traded away the youth and future of our hockey team.

    200303184361676-F.jpg (49746 bytes)
    Make no mistake about it, we’re are in desperate need of strong defensemen. With my favorite player, Eric Desjardins, out for at least the next two months with a broken forearm (Thanks, Roenick.  You shall hear my displeasure quite vocally the next time I attend a game…), we are hurting.  Marcus Ragnarsson is out for two weeks with a sprained shoulder.  We are defensively depleted.

    But there are other ways to make a good deal with another team.

    Bastard.  I hope you rot in Hell.

  6. I’m A Girly Girl!

    January 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Three quarters of me is a tomboy. I love sports, I shoot pool, I drink, smoke and curse worse than a sailor on shore leave. My usual winter dress consists of well-worn jeans, boots and a baggy shirt, usually with a Flyers logo. My hair is wash and wear and I am 99.9 percent of the time without makeup.

    Then there’s that other quarter of me that is so girly-girl, it makes the tomboy in me run and hide. This little girl loves bath and body products and suffers from an addiction so bad that pretty soon she’s going to be running out of bathroom space. She’s the reason why I own more makeup than I’ll ever have a chance to wear, thirty different kinds of perfume and body lotion/cream/whatever in many different flavors.

    She also likes to get her nails done. Fire-engine red. Just like her hair.

    Of which, both desperately need to be done.

    If only I can keep myself away from Sephora

  7. Nothing Right.

    January 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    The boss is in bad humor today. Our pressman hasn’t shown up for work, nor has he called. One of our copiers is down. My computer can’t/won’t find my scanner. And IE just crashed.

    The only good thing I’ve got going is two auctions of mine are ending in about a half an hour, and they’re getting more money than I ever thought they would.

  8. You’ve Been Served.

    January 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Well, it seems John-Boy begging may have worked.

    The Flyers scored a combined eight goals Friday and Saturday, beating the Maple Leafs 4-1 and 4-0. That kept me from being a very angry girl this weekend.

    It was a very nice weekend. Spent time with my folks on Saturday, did some shopping with Mom and drove home in the midst of a snow storm. Spent Sunday either on the computer or on the couch. Pretty much did a whole lot of nothing this weekend.

    Except for Friday. Friday, I filed the divorce papers.

    It has been done. There’s a vague feeling of excitement. Definitely a feeling of relief. The fact that I will finally be free…only to voluntarily put myself back into another relationship/marriage. At least this relationship is totally different. No violence, no walking on eggshells, none of the bullshit. Just a happy, healthy relationship.

    The way things should be.