April, 2004

  1. Fondue For Me, None For You.

    April 26, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Rainy, gray, crappy, SLOW afternoon. I’ve been staring at the same job for the past hour. I want to go home and curl up on the couch and eat my chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream (low carb, of course!) and give my cat skritchies. I want to comb the interweb for fondue recipes and plan out my weekend. I want my damn friend to email me back!

    Friday after work will include a trip to the booze barn for a bottle of tequila and some other things to restock our bar. Then a trip to the grocery store to get stuff for the fondue pot. Even if my friends can’t make it over, the boy and I are going to have our own party Saturday night!

    I have to snap some pics when I get home. Pics of my nails, the new entertainment center, the new wall dedicated to my Flyer boys in my home office.

    And due to said cold, gray and rainy day, there was just an accident out in front of the shop. Woman broad sided this old guy as he was trying to cross the road. It was probably his fault, from the looks of things. People have a tendency to pull out of the one side street without stopping at the stop sign. Couple that with the slick roads and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

  2. Weekend In Review.

    April 26, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Why is it that Mondays always seem to come way too damn soon? Gaw, was there even a weekend?!

    Friday, I decided to get my nails done. Stopped at this new nail place right around the corner from my work. Spent TWO HOURS there. Gah. My nails are nicely done now and painted a bright Flyers orange. I don’t think I’m going to go back to this place, though. I prefer my nails to be rounder on the tips and the guy refused to do it, while the tech next to him tried to explain why they don’t do round tips. I was too tired to argue at that point. I HATE square tipped nails. They make my fingers look fat.

    Drove home in an incredible downpour. Got home close to 8 to find the boy hadn’t gotten home yet. We were supposed to go out and get cat litter, but I sent him out to get that and dinner as soon as he got home. I did some more cleaning in preparation of the parental visit Saturday.

    Saturday we were up way too early for my tastes. I ran out to the banks and told the boy to vacuum the apartment while I was gone. When I got home, I found he had vacuumed the entire place, opened all the windows and was in the middle of making the bed. He’s such a good boy!

    Parents showed up around noon and we headed down to the Bass Pro Shop in Arundel Mills Mall. We bought Dad an ocean fishing rod for his birthday. I spent way too much money at Bed Bath and Beyond, but got one set of glasses off of our wedding registry that I hadn’t been able to find in any of the other stores, along with the fondue set I wanted. After we were done shopping, I cooked us all a nice dinner. Mom then helped me hang up all the framed Flyers pictures that I had while Dad and the boy snoozed on the couch. Mom and I also put a cabinet together. Dad also managed to get the glass shelves to fit in our new entertainment center, so now I don’t have to worry about calling IKEA about them.

    After the parents left, the boy and I just relaxed and played trivia through our digital cable. We had a good time with that and even came in first a few times!

    Sunday, the boy and I headed out to do more shopping. We had the router to take back…ended up getting a gift card instead of the money back, as the boy’s MasterCard that it had been put on had disappeared, and they won’t refund $$ back to a different card. With that, he’s going to get a prepaid cell phone this weekend.

    We also went out to Linens ‘N Things. Mom had given us money and a coupon to buy a slipcover for our couch, as the thing is ratty as Hell and needs a major makeover. While we were there, we finally picked up a nice bar set that came with a shaker and an ice bucket. We also bought a really pretty “hand painted” margarita set with a pitcher, four glasses and a salt-rimming plate. I also picked up a tequila shot set, which included two shot glasses, small salt-rimming plate, lime pick and a jar of tequila salt. Drink much? ;)

    We picked up lunch at Quizno’s and headed home. After eating, I crashed out on the couch. Started feeling dizzy and extremely tired. Nodded off a few times while watching the race/Tampa Bay run all over the Habs. Managed to get some laundry done between naps. Cooked us a nice dinner of marinated chicken and the leftovers of my specialty spinach/bacon recipe and then settled down to watch the Flyers game.

    YAY. And once again…YAY. We’re up on the Leafs 2-0. Esche was brilliant in goal. And that’s all I’m going to say.

    Today actually started off at 3:30 AM…when the boy’s alarm clock went off for him to get up for work. Yes, I did say 3:30 A frickin’ M.

    I hate his fucking company. Mandatory overtime and he HAS to go in early. He can’t stay later. This means Tuesdays and Thursdays he’ll be up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work and get home from school around 9:30. His company can lick my ass.

    On a brighter note, yes, you heard me right earlier in the entry. I bought a fondue pot. I’ve always wanted one, I put one on our wedding registry and I was lucky enough to find the exact one I wanted while we were at the store. (I had gotten notice a while back that a bunch of items on our registry were no longer available, but I was lucky enough to find two of the things I REALLY wanted at the BB&B at Arundel Mills!)

    Now, I’m off to search for some recipes. I got a good metal pot, so we can do meat fondue as well as cheese and chocolate…

  3. Design THIS.

    April 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Why is it that as soon as I say I have nothing to do, I get bombarded by people sending their artwork over to me? Artwork that’s done in MICROSOFT WORD?!?


    People, PLEASE. Word is NOT a design program, contrary to what everyone seems to think. It is no more than a glorified word processing program.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and fix up other people’s fuck-ups.

  4. Spring Fever.

    April 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    If there’s one thing I do not like…other than my STBX, that is…it’s an empty desk. And that’s what I’m staring at right now. Beautiful Spring day + no work on my desk = Spring fever of the worst sort, along with a total lack of motivation to do ANYTHING.

    Time for lunch.

  5. Neener, Neener, NEENER!!!!

    April 19, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    It was a fine weekend, indeed.  Granted, D-Link tech support can still lick my ass.

    I got out of work early Friday to enjoy the beautiful day. The boy got home earlier than expected…I had thought he was going out after work, but that wasn’t the case…so we hit the road to go do some shopping.

    First stop, Circuit City, where we picked up a new router, some blank VHS tapes for me to tape the Flyers during the playoffs, so I can have SOMETHING to get me through the impending lock-out next season.  Oh, yeah, and I bought a computer game.  I never do that.  And looking back on it, I should have saved my money. Heh.

    Then we went to PetSmart to get food for the cats.  We were afraid they were plotting our demise, since the food bin had been empty for two days and all we had been feeding them was wet food…

    I bought too many Beanie bears at the Hallmark store…AGAIN.  Also got all the cards I need for the next few birthdays/holidays.  Then over to the CD store, where I traded in a bunch of CDs for over $30 in store credit. Bought Soil’s latest CD, a hat for the boy and a metal sign with the Happy Bunny on it that says "Trespassers Butchered" on it to hang in our home office.  I love the Bunny.

    We went to Chili’s for dinner and I fell off my diet wagon with a resounding THUNK.  Earlier in the day, I had partaken of KFC potato wedgies.  And then I got my mushroom jack fajitas at Chili’s and I used up three of the tortillas.  I also had two drinks with a goodly dose of pineapple juice in them.  Bad, BAD girl! But good goddamn, was it ever GOOD!

    Got home and I decided I was going to hook the D-Link bitch router back up and call tech support to let them troubleshoot the damn thing so I could get a RMA. Hooked everything up…

    And the farking WAN connection picked right up. Sumbitch.
    Network is back up. For now. Looks like I just saved us $60…we get to take back the new router we just bought.

    *shrug* I have no idea. It’s not like I didn’t do all the troubleshooting myself. I do know what the hell I’m doing. I reset everything, re-wired everything, hooked up the damn router from the beginning….and nothing worked before.

    I swear, the damn thing KNOWS I was going to call tech support. The one year warranty expires on the 28th of this month. It’s going to die for good on the 29th.

    Fuckin’ thing.

    ANYway…Saturday…all I can say is this:

    Danny Markov and Tony Amonte celebrate Alexi Zhamnov’s first period goal on Saturday.


    Fuckin’ A right. That just made my weekend. Avs also won, beating Dallas 4 games to 1, as well.Hopefully, the monkey that has been clinging to the backs of the Flyers since 2000 is GONE. We’ve beaten the Devils. We showed them who was boss and took the first round from them. No longer are they the defending Stanley Cup Champions. They defended it and LOST. I love my boys! These boys have a chance at the Cup this year. A LEGITIMATE chance.

    "Sorry, Marty!  Not THIS YEAR!  It’s OUR TURN now!"
    (Click for J.R. supah-size.)

    We basically just chilled out for the rest of the weekend. Hockey, NASCAR, cleaning, I made dinner…the usual shit. Except for the boy losing his ATM card, that is. Went to go return the router on Sunday…stopped and got gas and found out his ATM card was MIA. Not good.

    Oh, yeah…we moved furniture.  I’m tired of moving furniture.  No more!  We put the old entertainment center in the bedroom, replacing the hope chest against the wall.  The hope chest we stuffed into the space where are bedroom window is.  I am DONE moving furniture.  And when we move out, you’re damn right someone else is going to be moving our furniture out for us!

    Oh, and one more thing…

    Just so we’re all clear on that.

  6. Bite Me.

    April 14, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    Ok, D-Link technical support can lick my ass. Fuckers. They need to troubleshoot the fucking router before they’ll give up a RMA.

    #1. I DO NOT have a home phone.

    #2. My cell phone WILL NOT hold a signal in my office at home.


    Just give me a RMA and fix my fucking router.

  7. This House Brought To You By IKEA…

    April 14, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    I so did not want to come back to work this morning. So much so that I didn’t hear my alarm go off after I hit the snooze button the first time and I slept in until almost 8:30. That’s pretty bad when I leave the house by no later than 8:10 to get to work on time!

    It was a nice four day weekend…for me, anyway. Thursday, the boy got home from work and informed me that his company had yanked his vacation days away from him…days that had been approved for QUITE SOME TIME…and told him that if he didn’t come in Monday morning to not bother showing back up for work. They were busy and shorthanded and needed him. You know why they were shorthanded? Because on Wednesday they fired two guys…FOR NO REASON.

    Fucking bastards. Thanks for ruining our weekend. Y’all are goddamned lucky that I hadn’t made reservations at the hotel in Natural Bridge, like we had originally been planning. And this is not the first time you’ve done this to him. Fuckers.

    I had to work Friday, but he had off. I could’ve taken the day off as well, but I do want to save a few days for when we go on our annual Sea Isle trip in September.

    We did close early on Friday. I got out of work and headed off to the bank, where I managed to get into a bit of a car accident. Usually, I skirt the outside of the big parking lot that my bank is in, but the Easter flower vendor was sitting along the one side, so I decided to cut across the lot. When I looked over at the flower vendor’s tent, there was a red Dodge truck sitting parallel in front of it…I turned my head to check traffic coming from my left and when I turned my head to check the right, the truck was basically in my windshield. I stood on my brakes, but it was a bit too late. The passenger side of my car slid under his driver’s side bumper. I was very shaken up, apologizing profusely while still wondering how the hell did he get in front of me so fast? There was no exchange of information, as the damage to his truck was minimal…just a plastic piece on the side of his bumper was knocked loose.

    My car, on the other hand…gouges along the front and top of my bumper. Missing paint. And a nice dent and a huge chunk of paint gone off of the hood where it curves over the passenger side headlight and the grill. My poor car.

    Then I go to the bank. They tell me I can’t cash my check. The STBX has overdrawn the checking account. (This is the only account we still have together. Only reason is so that I can cash my paycheck (written on the same bank) without having to go through the hassle of showing ID’s and getting fingerprinted.) Teller starts bitching that the account is overdrawn.

    Me through clenched teeth, still shaking from the accident: "Give me back my fucking paycheck. I just got into a car accident, you tell me I can’t cash my paycheck because the account is overdrawn. It’s not MY problem. Give me back my goddamn paycheck."

    By the time I got home I was about ready to explode. So we decide to go to the grocery store. An hour and a half and $150 later and I’ve got spicy red pepper marinated steaks cooking and my soul is soothed. It’s amazing what a good chuck of meat will do for you!

    Saturday…IKEA. We went to buy ourselves a giant media cabinet. I had found it online and it was PERFECT. Just the right size to fit on the one wall next to our entertainment center and it would hold all our media. All the DVDs, CDs, everything! It would all be hidden away inside and I would have some extra display space on top for stuff. Plus, all those annoying wooden media racks would be GONE.

    Instead, we ended up buying a brand spankin’ new entertainment center. A big entertainment center, with enough storage to hold the TV, all the stereo/TV components AND all of our CDs and stuff. It is cool and looks so damn good.

    Except for the fact that the glass shelves that go in one side don’t fit. They’re like 1/16th of an inch too big.

    *sigh* Yes, I guess I have to call them. *double sigh*

    We started putting the new entertainment center together after the Flyers beat the Devils. We finished putting it together on Sunday, while a nice beef roast, along with some chicken and hot Italian sausage stewed in the crock pot. We got it together and got everything set up, without any bloodshed. It looks good. DAMN good. I’ll take pictures of it one of these days when I feel like getting off of my lazy ass to do it.

    Monday, I slept late. It sucked having a day off and no boy home to share it with. I felt like crap, so most of the day was spent passed out on the couch and doing laundry. Whee.

    Yesterday I had to go to bankruptcy court for the meeting of the creditors. Gee, what fun. I hate driving in the city. Hate, hate, HATE it. Drove past the place and ended up parking like three blocks away because I wasn’t sure where the hell it was. Then I got stuck in construction traffic on the way home. Couple all that with the rain and I was quite annoyed. Plus, it’s been RAINING FOR FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. This shit needs to stop.

    And so does my updating. I have some blogs to read.

  8. Spring Is In The Air.

    April 7, 2004 by raspberryvixen

    I am in full girly-girl mode today. Sans makeup, of course. I’m not about to sacrifice precious moments of sleep just to slop on some facepaint.

    Today’s accoutrements: Fully manicured fingernails in dark metallic orange (it’s playoff time, ya know!) along with pink painted toenails peeping out of my favorite pair of black sandals. Denim capris and an oh-so-girlie pink poet shirt, complete with lace, embroidery and sleeves that hang down long from wrist to hand.

    Customers have been annoying…oh, who am I kidding? People in general have been EXTREMELY annoying today. From the guy in the parking garage who started asking me if I liked basketball…just because I’m 6’3″ in these sandals and look like an Amazon DOESN’T mean I like basketball. In fact, basketball ranks right there with soccer…at the bottom of my radar. By the time I got into the elevator, I was about ready to throttle the guy and shove his briefcase sideways up where the sun don’t shine…to the customers who have come in the shop today and whined…yes, WHINED…because I told them the copier was self-service. OMG, WE HAVE TO MAKE THE COPIES MYSELF! I’M GOING TO DIE! MY HAIR IS GOING TO FALL OUT AND MY FINGERS ARE GOING TO BURN. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING MYSELF!


    God forbid.

    ANYway…no real reason to this post. I’m leaving in less than a half hour…I have to make it over to my rental office before five and stop for gas on the way. There’s UPS stuff waiting for me…

    PLAYOFFS START TONIGHT. I am going to be hurting tomorrow. Colorado plays at 10 tonight. Fuck pool, we’re outta there by 9:30 at the latest. Hell, I’m missing Philly’s first game tomorrow.

    Bad news on our blueline…Rico’s done for the year. He’s having surgery on Friday. I feel bad for him. He wanted to come back so bad in time for the playoffs, and now the plate in his arm breaks and he’s pretty much got to start from scratch. Heal up, Rico. Be well.

    How my team hasn’t managed to kill each other is beyond my comprehension.

    Ah, Spring!