February, 2007

  1. Monday, Part Deux.

    February 12, 2007 by raspberryvixen

    When we last saw our heroine, she was struggling with Monday…

    So, that new alarm clock I bought? Well, I’d had fun playing with it over the course of the weekend. Every time I went in the bedroom to put away the laundry, I’d grab the remote and click on the ‘pod. Pretty sweet sound for an alarm clock. And hey, I was digging the fact that I could wake up to Sevendust in the morning, instead of the shittiest morning show EVAH.

    I tested the alarm set-up Saturday afternoon while I was watching hockey…setting it and tapping the snooze, letting it go and figuring out the controls. Everything was hunky-dory. I replaced my old clock with that one and went about things the way I normally do. Last night, I set it to wake to the ‘pod, clicked on the alarm and went to bed.

    Alarm went off at 7:34 AM. Speakers sounded like shit…all bass, so much so that I could barely discern what song was playing. I tapped the snooze button and went back to sleep…or tried to as best as I could. It’s kinda hard when there’s a precocious cat flipping her way around the bed pouncing on your feet.

    It was 8:12 when hubby came back into the bedroom. “Honey, are you going to work today?”

    SHIT. The alarm had never gone off again.

    And then hubby tells me that traffic is fucked pretty hard-core, thanks to yet another multi-car pile-up on I-95. I got up and called the boss, got dressed, and headed off to work.

    I’m about a third of the way into my commute when traffic suddenly stops dead in front of me. And I had my head somewhere up in the clouds. I slammed on my brakes, laid down rubber, and brought the poor car to a stop, cursing the whole time…if I had gone the other direction instead of turning, I wouldn’t have been stuck in traffic. Blame it on everything else, right? ;-)

    Traffic finally breaks up, I get back on the roads I normally take, and speed off on my way. I make the right onto Manor Road from Hydes Road and go to turn left onto Dulaney Valley Road…traffic coming from our direction has no stop sign. Everybody else does. Just as I’m making the left onto DV, this dumb bitch coming from the other direction completely blows the stop sign and turns right in front of me.

    I’m all over my horn the entire time I’m turning, and cursing her out through my open window. Of course, her window’s closed due to the cold, but she proceeds to punish ME for HER wrongdoings by going TEN TO FIFTEEN MILES UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT for the entire time she’s in front of me. I rode her ass the whole time until she turned off…which is something I NEVER do. Stupid bitch. I flipped her the bird as she turned off…I think the guy in the Dodge Ram behind me did the same.

    By the time I got to work, I was praying for a quick day. Thankfully, it was, albeit EXTREMELY boring. So boring that I’ve requested to have the day off tomorrow and said request has been granted. The weather is supposed to take a nasty turn and I don’t feel like sitting at work with nothing to do, staring out the window and watching the weather go nuts.

    The best thing to come out of today?

    The Flyers resign Sami Kapanen to a two-year deal.

    That makes me very, VERY happy.  Especially since he had said this was going to be his last year playing and he was going to retire.  I SERIOUSLY wish they would make him the captain of the team.  As much as I love Peter Forsberg, I think Sami’s got more of the emotional fortitude that the team needs, especially in the locker room.

    And now, I must go watch the boys play.

  2. Stop The Monday, I Wanna Get Off!

    February 12, 2007 by raspberryvixen

    It is amazing how quickly an incredible weekend can be ruined by a MONDAY.


    Theoretically, this entry could turn into a FOAD entry…my Monday morning was just THAT BAD. But I’ll write about the good first, since the last few days have been rather glorious and well-deserved.

    Although, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. No good in my life comes without some serious bad. I’m hoping this morning counts as the SERIOUS BAD.

    The rundown:
    Wednesday night, I stomped the living shit out of another 3, 18-2. I literally shot the BEST game of my LIFE.

    Thursday, nothing worth mentioning.

    Friday, hubby and I went grocery shopping, got everything we needed…and saved a ton of money due to the store’s 12 for $12 sale. Seeing a grocery bill under $225 is a miracle. (We only go grocery shopping like once every 3 months, hence the high bill.) We got dinner from the grocery store’s hot food bar and chilled out for the rest of the night. Watched the Oilers kick butt and went to bed somewhat earlier than normal.

    Saturday…I was up at 6:30. Yes, that SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING. My body decided to start screaming HI WE FEEL LIKE SHIT IT’S TIME TO GET UP, BITCH! And so I did.

    Hubby got up not much after I did. We both spent time chilling on our computers, then got dressed and headed out to run errands. We ended up at the mall, mainly because I wanted to hit up Starbucks and see if I could get a coffee mug like Bev got. I ended up buying two…a pink one and a pale blue one with psychedelic flowers on it. (As it turns out, the mug I got is nowhere near close to what Bev’s looks like. I must begin my search again!)

    Hubby and I did a couple of laps around both floors of the mall. We bought a few things, and I almost came home with a Nintendo DS Lite, but I was good and held back.

    My New Ruby Ring
    What I *did* get was a beautiful lab-created ruby ring. Heart shaped, of course. A Valentine’s present from my wonderful husband. He’s such a sweetheart.

    We got home a little after 12. The new alarm clock that I had ordered was waiting for me on my doorstep. After getting all our packages inside, hubby went to play his game on his computer and I set about making tacos for lunch. We ate, hubby went to catch some sleep before he had to go to work, I paid the bills and watched hockey. After hubby left for work, I tore into the laundry and got most of it done. I got swap packages together for mailing, took care of all the rest of the bills, and did a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff.

    The other great part about Saturday? THE FLYERS ACTUALLY WON. AT HOME. I was giddy with excitement.

    Sunday morning, I was awoken by my old alarm clock at 7:34 in the morning. AND THE ALARM CLOCK WAS OFF AND IN MY WARDROBE. I was NOT HAPPY. I went back to bed after slinging the clock around the room and finally got up around 10:30. I spent the rest of the day puttering around…cleaning up the kitchen, cleaning up the office, piddling around doing other little things here and there. I made a pork chop dinner for hubby before he had to head off to work, and once he left, I finished up the laundry and a few other things I had to do in the bedroom.

    (Don’t you just love my long-ass updates? Heh.)

    Sunday night was nice and peaceful, relaxed on the couch while the Oilers gnawed on the Thrashers for dinner. Ended up going to bed a bit before 1. Not good. And then I couldn’t fall asleep.


    Monday Happened.

    (…to be continued.)

  3. Ugh.

    February 10, 2007 by raspberryvixen

    There is the number SIX at the beginning of the time on my computer.

    It is Saturday morning.

    We went to bed at 1:30 AM.

    I AM NOT HAPPY, and for once, it has nothing to do with the neighbors.

    Goddamn stomach. Freakin’ head.


    And I just thought everyone should know.

  4. What Now?!

    February 2, 2007 by raspberryvixen

    ***WARNING: I’m VERY angry. Proceed with caution.***

    Why do people have to suck SO FUCKING MUCH?

    As if my life wasn’t already enough of a pain in the ass. Between work driving me up a wall, the constant shitty ass weather, neighbors who have NO COMMON FUCKING COURTESY, and just not wanting to deal with people in general…

    Life’s been a whole barrel full of laughs lately.

    Tonight’s the biggest kicker, though. I keep shaking my head, because I just can’t believe it at all.

    Some jackass decided it would be a VERY FUN THING to throw a rock through my husband’s driver’s side front window. Completely destroyed the window. The inside of his car is filled with shattered glass and SNOW. NOTHING was taken. NOTHING. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?!

    Dear PrickFuck,
    Did you just decide to pick up a rock for the fun of it, asshole? Shattering somebody’s window gets you off? Were you pissed off that you were getting wet because you were being a moron and walking out in the sleet and snow that you decided to take your anger out on a poor defenseless car? On a car that my husband BUSTS HIS FUCKING ASS OFF TO PAY FOR?

    Thank you for making us drag the police out on a cold winter’s night. Thank you for making us stand out with the car while we waited, because the husband has to park in the lot behind our building. Thank you for making my husband miss a night of work, because he sure as hell wasn’t going to drive the car like that and I sure as hell wasn’t going to let him take my car in this shitty weather. As Denis Leary would say, “Thank you, thank you…and FUCK YOU.”

    Luckily, hubby’s insurance will pay for the window. The fun part is just finding someone to come out here. Oh, and also the fact it’s gonna be in the low 30′s tomorrow. Not good.

    Granted, this all hinges on his car STILL BEING THERE by the time morning rolls around.

    After hubby and I calm down a bit and eat dinner, I go back into our office to get some shit done…filing and shredding and cleaning, oh, my! I go out in the living room to ask hubby something…

    …and the neighbors in the next building have their stereo cranked up REALLY LOUD again. AND IT’S AFTER 10:30 AT NIGHT.

    Once again, another WTF?!

    I complained about these people to the rental office right after Christmas. They said they would send a warning letter, but as long as it was before 11 o’clock at night, there wasn’t anything that they could really do. They also wanted me to keep track of dates and times, which I’ve been doing. It’s been relatively quiet since about the second week in January.

    Then, the same night a rock goes through my husband’s window, they’ve got the stereo cranked up loud as shit. And they don’t turn it off until after 11.

    Suffice it to say, the rock through the window isn’t the only thing that the rental office is going to be called about on Monday.

    What a way to start a weekend. I have SUCH a headache…