Miracles CAN Happen!

1/27/2000 by raspberryvixen

Ok, now, keep in mind, in 9-ball, I’m only a two. A lousy little two. I’ve been trying for months to go up to a three (there’s not many players in this league that say they WANT to go up in rank…damnit, I *DO*!).

Well, it’s Wednesday night 9-ball league. We’ve only got five players due to the stupid snow. So everybody’s gotta play sometime tonight, right? Well, I put myself up first. The opposing team throws a three up against me…19 to 25 race. I rack, he breaks. Nothing. I go on to run the first rack, consequently getting my first ten-rack (each 9-ball rack is worth ten points.) Three racks, 10-0/7-3/2-0. I beat this guy 19 to 3, for a total match score of TWENTY to NOTHING! Yeah, I think I’m playing better. Yeah, I HOPE I move up!! ;)

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