The Quickie Vacation Update.

10/2/2006 by raspberryvixen

One month ago today, hubby and I headed off to the wilds of the Jersey Shore for our annual vacation with my parents. Same shit, different year…and we ended up leaving to come home a day earlier than planned.

We did the same thing we do every year…Wildwood, shopping, Old Time photo, Mack’s pizza, more shopping, eating, driving, eating, yadda yadda.

Except this year we threw something new into the mix.

We went and saw Lucy the Elephant in Margate.

We didn’t take the inside tour…too many steps for me to deal with. But I did take a metric ton of pictures that you can check out by clicking on the above pic. And I bought a shot glass and a stuffed Lucy in the gift shop.

And yes, I did say hubby and I got our annual Old Time pic done…click for bigger.

And now? Why, yes, I sure could use another vacation.

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  1. Christine says:

    I’m not on my regular PC, so I can’t send e-mails – I just had to say you are not alone in the non-love of the new CR-V body style. It has grown on me, but I really wanted to find a 2006 because I think the new 2007 body looks like a munchkin mini-van.

    It rides sooooooo nice though. And I like the interior redesign with the moved gear shift. I threw my 2004 CR-V into neutral once while driving when I tried to change the radio volume, so the move is definitely safer.

    But those back windows? Still funky. I miss the boxy look of my old CR-V. (I miss nothing else though!)

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