The Start Of Another Insane Season.

10/6/2006 by raspberryvixen

Yes, folks…it’s that time of year again!

Nope, not Christmas. Not Halloween. Not yer birthday.


And yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, my Flyers made a grand showing of things last night.


FOUR NOTHING LOSS to the hapless Penguins. Who weren’t looking all that bad last night.


Way to go, boys. It’s gonna be a LONG season.

The Avs? Two overtime losses in a row. YAY.

The Caps? Well, nobody ever expects great things out of them anyway, so a 5-2 loss to the Rangers wasn’t unexpected. At least they got two goals on the board!

The Oilers. OMFGWTFBBQQQQQ!! Cheesus rice krispie treats! What a game against the Flames! They’ve been the only team I like to watch so far that hasn’t shown any negative off-season after-effects. That was one hell of a game!

Mmmm, all hockey…ALL THE DAMN TIME.

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  1. Bev says:

    It was an awesome game! Lots of fun! To Mr. Chris Pronger, I’d like to say, “Chuck you Farlie, and I hope you keep your Pronger in your pants in LA!”

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