People Suck.

10/10/2000 by raspberryvixen

I really dislike people who think that just because they own Microshaft Publisher, they’re now “graphic designers.” Yeah, ok, whatever. Try sitting at my desk one day and doing what I do. *grumble*

Pet Peeves:
#1: See above rambling.
#2: Is it too damn difficult for people to use turn signals??
#3: People.

No, I’m not petty, bitter and overly cynical. Well…..ok, not always. I just have a hard time dealing with the fact that modern day society is a lot dumber than it should be. I’m smart enough to know I’m NOT all that…but secure enough to know that I’m all that in my own world, and that if I take a few steps forward, I’m not going to fall flat on my face. My own little world is one happy place! I have a great job, a husband that loves me, a car with working heat, and a cat that totally adores me.

What more could a woman ask for?

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