Friday the Thirteenth.

10/13/2000 by raspberryvixen

See above date to figure out why I’m on edge today.

And it’s a full moon. Geez. Like I really want to be out on the road tonight!

After I get off work, it’s off to Pennsylvania to pick up my Mom. She’s coming to stay with us for the weekend. Yeaaaa! she’s actually coming down to help me clean and to help me make my place look nice. You see, I have a husband who won’t do anything unless threatened with bodily harm, and even then he still takes weeks! I have shelves that need hanging, furniture that needs rearranging and pictures that need to be hung. I also need buttons sewn on clothes. My Mom’s a whiz at decorating…her and Dad’s house looks great (Mom gets all the ideas and Dad executes the plans), and she works with an interior decorator that has done houses for lots of fancy clients, one such client having been Lenny Dykstra of the Philadelphia Phillies!


Rant, rant, rant…..

You know what’s really been pi$$ing me off lately? (Other than people in general?) People who don’t know how to say “good-bye” when getting off the telephone. Look, don’t finish off your sentence and then just hang up on me, moron! How do you know the conversation was over?? Don’t people teach their offspring manners anymore?! (I can just hear my mother laughing at this….saying something to the effect of “She’s the last one talk! Manners? Riiiiiiiiight!”)


Our Sunday night 9-ball team is slowly making it’s way up into playoff contention. I beat an 8 last Sunday (Wow. I was playing great, and he was off his game, so I beat him rather handily.) We’ve won the last two weeks in a row.

Tuesday is a different story. We had been in first place…taking four out of five will do that…but we’ve been slipping…BAD. These past two weeks we’ve only managed to pull out one win…also doesn’t help that we keep having to forfeit the last match because people aren’t showing up. I just about put my fist through a wall Tuesday night, I was playing so bad.

At least I’m 2-0 in 9-ball. 3-4 in 8-ball. Last session it was 1-7 in 9-ball, I don’t remember Tuesday night 8-ball, and Thursday night 8-ball I was 7-1.

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