I Love My Mommy!

10/16/2000 by raspberryvixen

Had the absolute best time with Mom this weekend. We did a lot of shopping, a lot of eating, and a lot of cleaning. Oh, and she thinks my Sunday 9-ball team is “a fun bunch of kids!” *grin*

But now it’s back to the daily grind. Hubby is sick, and in a generally foul mood. He’s got a four day weekend coming up…he was scheduled off on Friday and took Thursday off as his floating holiday. I took Friday off…I hope he’s well enough that we can actually go do something. Not that we’ll have much money, though. I make my first car payment this weekend!!

I’ll tell you what, though. The apartment sure does look better, at least in my eyes! (Hubby hates the new doormat!) Mom and I got all the pictures hung that have been sitting around forever, and then hung some new ones that I bought Saturday. I was so happy when the one with pictures of our families was finally up on the wall. Wet-vacced the carpet and got up some really ugly stains…Mom’s letting me keep the vac for the time being, since we have a beige (who’s stupid idea was it to put BEIGE carpet in an apartment?!?) carpet and a ferret who likes to do her thing over the edge of her cage. Mom hung the shelves up in the bedroom (2) and one up in the hallway which has now become the “holiday shelf.” Right now there’s all kinds of Halloween stuff up there (I LOVE punkins!!).

I also bought the coolest boots…they come up to just below my knee and have a thinner four inch heel on them. Imitation suede kinda fabric. Realllllllllllyyy cool. I have the perfect shirt to wear with them, if I could find a silver camisole top to go underneath it, because the shirt is made out of see-though material. Now I just need a black leather skirt…….

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