My Cynical Side…

10/17/2000 by raspberryvixen

You know, I read back and think that I really sound like a cynical bitch. Maybe some people would classify me as such. Be my guest. I stopped caring what people think about me a *long* time ago. I’ve developed a very thick skin. You kinda have to, what with me being “fluffy” and “four-eyed”. Hell, I ceased worrying about my weight ages ago. I have joined a health club, though, but it’s mainly to strengthen my muscles and joints…I have arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, a bad back, and knees that constantly ache. Yeah, my body always hurts. Yeah, I need to lose weight, for health reasons. Hubby also made a deal with me…for every ten pounds I lose, we go on a road trip. Wherever *I* want to go. Sounds like a good deal to me. I’m also trying to get him to agree to this deal: I’ll quit smoking if he quits drinking. We’ll see about that one!

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