Caught Red-Headed Again!

1/24/2001 by raspberryvixen

I am a redhead again.

Boy, do I feel so much better now. You know….red on the
head, fire in the hole. Yeah, ummmm, if I can stay awake!

Seriously, I feel so much better when I’ve a full head of vibrant red hair. I was cursed born with mousy brown hair
(no insult to brown-tressed folks, I just despise the color of my hair!) that looks horrible. Well, it did to me, anyways. So I’ve been dying my hair since I was sixteen.

A lighter shade of brown.

Ummm, no. Let’s try something a little more drastic.

Dark red.

Ohhhhh, baby.

The guys loved it. *I* loved it. Did a ton for my self-confidence.

Blonde. The hair looked good, the eyebrows didn’t. And no insult to blonds, but I lost about 30 IQ points and proved that little theory about dumb blonds….It took me until 1998 to find the right color. The color I always dreamed my hair could be. Even after the hair salon I went to (I had my hair professionally dyed once…never again will I pay $60 for something I can do myself for $14!) said that the only way I would ever be able to have flame red hair was to have my hair stripped and then colored. I don’t think so!

*Drum roll please…*

Flame frickin’ red.

Well, Luscious Mango, actually. (Don’t you just adore the name??)

Ack!  Red!
(Of course, the color doesn’t show up anywhere near as fantastic in the pic as it does in real life.)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah. I can feel my attitude regaining strength. Rrraaarrrrrr!

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