Good Day, Sunshine.

5/31/2007 by raspberryvixen

PayPerPost Top Earners for the Day, 5-31-2007, 2:50 PMIt’s the little things that amuse me.

Ok, today it actually the BIG things that amuse me.  I’m #2 on the Top Earners of the Day board.  I’m sure I won’t be there for long, but I rather like seeing my name up there like that.

Especially as it was thanks to ONE opp that I got screwed out of a week or so ago, thanks to technical difficulties.

The other BIG thing that’s amusing me today?  I went from having my desk completely covered with jobs, the copiers with jobs lined up to be run, and headaches all over the place to ALL copy jobs DONE, NO headache, and SIX jobs off my desk.

Today’s what one could call a VERY accomplished day.  And I get to go home and spend some quality time with the husband.

The bad part of today?  Stupid me forgot that because of Monday’s holiday, hubby’s paycheck doesn’t get deposited until FRIDAY.

Thank gawd I scheduled that one payment to the Big Bank to come out tomorrow instead of today!  Yikes!

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