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2/16/2004 by raspberryvixen

Warning: Pictures and mushyiness ahead. You may want to go elsewhere…

It was an absolutely MARVELOUS Valentine’s weekend.

I got out of work on Friday and made it home in good time. I barely missed getting caught in a speed trap about five minutes from my home…the cops pulled over the two cars ahead of me and let me go! I wasn’t speeding all that much, in fact, they had been there on Thursday night, so I was already prepared for them to be there. My heart still got all funky when they pulled over the people in front of me, though!

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Got home to find the boy all giggly. He made me go into our office and there I found a dozen long stemmed red roses waiting for me on my chair. He then made me stay in the office while he finished wrapping up my Valentine’s present.  He gave it to me when he was done and I told him I would wait until Valentine’s Day to open it.  He laid it on the coffee table and headed out to Quizno’s to pick us up some dinner.  I stayed back in the office and did some computer work…mostly to keep myself from the temptation of opening my present.

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After dinner, the temptation was just too great to handle.  He let me open the present, all the while sitting next to me with this huge smile on his face.  As I opened the box, I found out why.

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He had gotten me a beautiful Boyds Bear snow globe of a bride and a groom standing on a wedding cake.  I was in tears by the time I got it out of the box.  There was no more thoughtful gift he could have gotten me.  My hands were shaking and I was just so touched by the gift.  And the beautiful card he got me just sealed the deal…I am in love with the most wonderful man on the planet!

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Saturday we got up early as we were off to That Fish Place out in Lancaster.  As usual, our best intentions of getting on the road early were marred by an overly long stop at the gas station/convenience store…not to mention the fact, I had forgotten to take the roses out of their packaging and put them into a vase, so I had to do that before we even left the house.  We finally got to the store and had only 45 minutes to shop. I wanted to be home by 3 to see the Flyers/Rangers game.

Well, the 45 minutes went by fast. We trundled through the lizard room first and drooled over some of the critters. Then we hit the cat aisle and bought a hot pink collar for Bailey and some toys for the girls. Then we wandered around the fish filters and stuff for a bit. The boy informed me that it was already 1:15 and we hadn’t even been to see the fish! A quick round through all the aisles of tanks and we were on our way home. Got home halfway through the first period of the game…the Flyers ended up mauling the Rangers. Since both the Flyers and Avalanche were playing at 3 and the Caps weren’t playing until Sunday, I watched Thursday night’s Flyers game that I had taped, then the boy and I watched COPS. It was an early night.

Sunday…NASCAR! YAY! Flipped back and forth between the race and the Caps game while doing laundry and cleaning. Cooked us a nice ham dinner with all the trimmings, so now we have tons of leftovers. A good finish to a very nice weekend.

Today, well, I’m just staying out of the boss’s way, as he’s not in a good mood. He’s leaving early, which puts a bit of a dent in our plans tonight, but no biggie. The boy and I are off to find a new mattress tonight. Fun fun!


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