A Deep Sense Of Loss.

9/23/2002 by raspberryvixen

I like finding cool things.

2002 Ornament Exchange

Of course, as soon as I saw this on Tina’s site, I had to go and sign up.  You should, too!

Well, it was yet another exhausting weekend.  Friday, we ran all sorts of errands after I got off work.  Went to the grocery store and procured a good amount of meat.  Stayed up late, attempting to get things arranged in the apartment and clean for the parental visit on Saturday.

Saturday, Clint’s ex dropped off Bowen, so we spent our time alternately chasing the boy about and cleaning and straightening the place.  Mom and Dad came down later in the afternoon.  Dad and Clint went down to Arundel Mills Mall while Mom and I made dinner and watched the boy nap.  The menfolk got back from their shopping excursion, we fed them and then Mom and I grabbed the boy and headed out to do a little shopping of our own.

I finally broke down and told my Mom that Clint and I were living together.  She took it better than I expected.  I spoke with her today and she didn’t say a word.  To say I’m shocked is an understatement.

Anyway, Mom and Dad went home, we took the boy home, watched Frequency and then I went to bed and crashed.

Unfortunately, I was up by 10:30 AM on Sunday.  I swear, ever since I turned 30, sleeping past noon just doesn’t happen any more.  I did some domestic things, then crashed on the couch and watched the race.

The STBX came over late in the day and took Da Boyz.  I cried.  And cried. Goddamnit, I cried. I miss my Boyz.


I cried all the way to bowling.  And then, once we got home and I saw that big empty space where the tank had been, I cried again. Pretty stupid, eh? They’re just fish, right? Um, sure. Thankfully, Clint knows just how to make me feel better. :)

Ok, enough of that.  I have to look like I’m working now.

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