Pullin’ Up My Bootstraps.

7/11/2002 by raspberryvixen

As Jonathan Davis from Korn would say: “Fuck all that bullshit!”

Time to rejoin the land of the living.

I went out last night and had a goddamn good time. Who is this Mike person, and why is his lemonade so damn good?!? Eesh.

Yes, I am a bit bleary eyed this morning. But it was worth it. Went out with Shady to his pool match, drank a wee bit too much, shot some damn good pool (Yeah, who’s back? Who’s back? Yeah, babee!) and ate some damn good wings. Had a blast.

Then this morning, I was reminded as to why I had quit going out in the first place. ;)

And now, something I haven’t done in quite a while. Time now for today’s Thursday Threesome!

Onesome Long–Long tall drink. What’s your favorite beverage, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic? Non would have to be Vanilla Coke. Alcoholic? Hmmm. Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Amaretto and Coke. Kaluha and cream. MmmMmMMmm.

Twosome Hot–Do you like it hot? Spicy hot food, that is! Hell, yeah, baby! The hotter the better!

Threesome Summer–Summer makes you think of what food? What’s your favorite summer recipe? Oh. My. God. Try these ribs. Alton Brown is a frickin’ genius.

And a big ole fat P.S.  I’M BAAAAAACK!!!!!!!! (I think!) ;)

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