The Day After.

12/26/2001 by raspberryvixen

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and is not stuck at work being bored like I am.

Frankly, after all this holiday crap, I am exhausted. Hours and hours of preparation for ten minutes of shredding open gifts and twenty minutes of stuffing your face with food till your belly explodes.

Friday, Dawgy and I went out and picked up my PlayStation. Woot! My thumbs are sore from playing hockey all weekend.  I started a season and me and the Flyers are as of yet undefeated!

Saturday, I went up to the folks’ so Mom and I could do some last minute shopping. I bought myself a brand new Flyers jersey and three other Flyers shirts. We went to Fashion Bug and I got four new sweaters.

Sunday, I just chilled around the house and attempted to straighten up the mess. Ha. Ha. Ha. Played more PlayStation.

Christmas Eve, I got all the gifts wrapped…gee, what fun that is with a seven month old kitten! Dawgy came over to spend the night so we could leave for the folks’ house early in the morning. We were up until two AM playing hockey.

Christmas Day. It’s finally COLD out. Really cold. Mike and I stopped for breakfast (shmuffins ROCK!) and gassed up the car. Got up to the folks’ and proceeded to ravage the presents. Dinner ruled, as always. My Mom’s a hell of a cook, and Dad’s peach tart and apple pie were scrumptious. Didn’t get home till around 12:30 AM. Finally got to bed around 1:30 AM.

4:00 AM, the phone rings and scares the living shit out of me. It’s Dawgy. Between the time he and I got back (12:30 AM) and the time he left our place (4:00 AM), someone broke into his car.

Rule #1: Don’t mess with Dawgy.
Rule #2: Don’t mess with Dawgy’s car.
Rule #3: If you’re stupid enough and have enough of a death wish, you may proceed to break rules #1 or #2. But be prepared to run. Very fast.

Joe and I go downstairs…it looks like Dawgy’s car had been targeted. No other cars were touched…and my car was parked right next to his. All they took were his tachometer and his radar detector. His bottle of Jack Daniels (a present from my parents) was untouched.

Just goes to show you that not everyone gets into the holiday spirit.

Assholes. People suck.

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