Line ‘Em Up, I’m Ready To Go.

3/29/2008 by raspberryvixen

I can seriously see how alcohol rehabs can be a good thing. I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen late this afternoon, trying to fix the mess that hubby had left when he moved all of the stuff over from the old fridge to the new.

He didn’t exactly take his time to pack the fridge carefully, and stuff was scattered throughout the fridge. I took everything out in order to rearrange things, and I found myself surrounded by all of the bottles of alcohol that we keep chilled. My bottle of coconut tequila kept calling me.

“Drink me.”

Thankfully, my willpower is good.

At least, it was earlier. Because right now, both my husband and I are so angry that my bottle of tequila and his bottle of Jaegermeister are looking REALLY GOOD.


Hubby was building our new hutch for the kitchen…halfway through building it, I realized that they had sent us something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what was shown in the catalog. The one in the catalog is supposed to have two doors in the hutch, centered by a cubbyhole. The one they sent us? TWO LONG DOORS. NO CUBBYHOLE.

It may sound stupid, but the one reason I ordered the thing was because of the damn cubbyhole.

Oh, and the directions don’t match the pieces, and hubby is stumped as to how to finish putting things together. The thing is now sitting in two large pieces in our dining room, and it will remain there until I can talk to customer service tomorrow and find out WTF.

So. Not. HAPPY.


  1. Jenn says:

    Sounds like the little scrapbook thing I just ordered from Lakeside Collection. Each piece of this whole cabinet thing was sold separately, so I ordered the file cabinet part, not for scrap stuff, but for my regular paperwork.

    I went outa my way to measure the bottom cubby hole on my desk to make sure the thing would fit in there perfectly. I checked the measurements in the mag and even looked them up online.

    I waited 4 weeks for them to send the damn thing and they sent a totally different one than I ordered AND it’s bigger than the measurements on the website/ in the catalog.

    I’m debating on trying to send it back because god knows if I do it’ll end up like the last thing I sent back. Ordered a purse with a J on it. They sent me K. Sent it back, they sent me another K!

  2. Monique says:

    Oh thats sucks! Hopefully they will express the right hutch to you… LOL. Oh I kill myself, like that would ever happen.

    I was originally going to tell you to go ahead and have a drink, but I’m a good girl, so I won’t :) Well, maybe one drink won’t hurt.

  3. Karen says:

    One minute you’re slavering passionately over the tequila, the next you’re passed out in bed with two cats, a frog, three fuzzy caterpillars and a man who may or may not be your husband.

    Like it says, you’re getting fork stabbed woman, walk it off.

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