Come Together.

4/2/2008 by raspberryvixen

Day after day, the internet continues to amaze me.

What it boils down to is this…

Lisa from Clusterfook (and many other incarnations) has been diagnosed YET AGAIN with cancer. She’s survived ovarian cancer twice. This time, though, it’s spread to some of her organs. When I read the entry where she announced it the other day, I sat at my desk at work and I CRIED over the unfairness of it all.

Miss Ann and a bunch of other bloggers are banding together to raise money so that Lisa and her family can go to Disneyland. The goal is $3,000.

There’s also a raffle…for every $10 you donate, you get a ticket and you can win a prize. More stuff has been added…see the entry over at Miss Ann’s to see what kind of goodies you could win.

1st Prize: Afghan handmade by Miss Ann

2nd Prize: $50 gift certificate from Danalyn…your choice of ONE of the following:
- Black Angus Steakhouse
- Bloomingdales
- Gap
- Linens ‘n Things
- LL Bean
- Macy’s
- Metromedia Restaurants (bennigans, stake & ale, ponderosa)
- Omaha Steaks
- Timberland

3rd Prize: Gift basket by KG

4th Prize: Template by KG

5th Prize: $50 Gift card to Benefit Cosmetics donated by Rachel

6th Prize A basket of Canadian yummy stuff from Karen Sugarpants! (She has access to all that Canadian contraband….ummm Smarties!)

7th Prize $25 iTunes gift card donated by Laci

8th Prize: Dishcloths and matching scrubbies by Miss Ilexa

9th Prize: Blogging Tips What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging by Lorelle VanFossen donated by Mattie

I’ve already donated $25. Things are kind of tight here right now, so that’s all I could send. I really wish I could send more.

If you spend $8.00 on a cup of Starbucks mocha frappahugolatte, could you forgo that cup for just one day and donate, please? Every little bit helps.

(I will be reposting this entry as a reminder until the end of the raffle. If you donate, thank you SO MUCH. Let me know so I can show some linky love.)

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  1. So sorry to learn about Lisa’s diagnosis. Just wanted to pass along two helpful resources:

    Cancer.Net (Doctor approved coping and disease info.)
    CancerCare (Financial and emotional support)

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