I’m Not The Only One Having A Hot Flash.

6/30/2008 by raspberryvixen

I am EXHAUSTED.  The last thing I wanted to do tonight was spend a few hours trying to keep my computer from overheating.  Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I had to do.

It all started innocently enough…I decided to get off of my lazy ass and install the two new fans I’d bought for my computer, along with a third fan scavenged from my old machine.  Then I wanted to get my speakers up and running, and move my UPS over to the other side of my desk.

Oh, the issues I ran into.   I was THISCLOSE to tearing out a good portion of my hair.

  • The subwoofer that came with my new speakers?  It’s HUGE.  Massively huge.  It’s not fitting under my desk…not even close.
  • The left satellite speaker?  The cord’s too short for it to actually end up on the left side of my desk.  I still have to figure out the logistics of just where, exactly, I’m going to put everything.
  • I installed all three fans…and the temperature in my computer spiked to almost 90.  Um, three more fans are supposed to make things COOLER, right?  WRONG.
  • Turns out the thermal grease on the heat sink and the chip was BAKED.  I pried them apart, regreased them, and put things back together.
  • Temperature was still spiking in the high 80′s.
  • I turned the bottom two fans around to draw the air over the motherboard.  Both fans crack at the screw holes.
  • The lid refused to fit back on the case.  Much cursing ensued.  Cats ran for the hills.

Thankfully, the regreasing and turning the fans around seems to have worked…the hard drive is plugging away, working at a hard-core virus scan, and the temperature hasn’t gone about 79.

I has a headache.  I am so done with today.

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