Ravens Rock!

1/30/2001 by raspberryvixen

The parade of champions goes on…despite the pouring rain. On Sunday, January 28, 2001, the Baltimore Ravens did what no one outside of Maryland thought they could do. They won the Sooper Bowl.


They DOMINATED the Sooper Bowl! They beat the New York Giants 34-7.


They DEMOLISHED the Giants 34-7.

Kerry Collins didn’t have a chance. Poor baby. NOT!

Pfffffffffffffttt…for all those non-believers….HAH!

Puhleeze….the Giants beat the Eagles and the Vikings…two of the crappiest teams in the NFL.

The Ravens beat the Titans and the Raiders…two of the best teams in the NFL.

Oh, you thought New York was gonna beat Baltimore, just ’cause they steamrolled Philly and Minnesota?


Dream on, baby!


(And I won $125 on my football pool, too!)

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