Whirlwind Weekend.

10/26/2009 by raspberryvixen

The hubby and I had quite a wonderful weekend.  Unfortunately, it didn’t start out too well for me…I was sick as a dog on Friday.  I went to work feeling like crap, felt like stir-fried crap all day, and felt even worse when I got home.  There was no need for me to take any apidexin this weekend…even the very THOUGHT of food on Friday made me want to hurl.

Thankfully, I was fine and dandy Saturday when I rolled out of bed.  I even made a pot of coffee early in the afternoon, and the caffeine kept me going all day!  Hubby even got out of bed early, and together we managed to knock out a ton of things that we needed to do!

Sunday, the Ravens had the bye, so I managed to stay on my roll and I got even more stuff done.  I got a whole big batch of jewelry made, and I’m hoping to get pictures taken tonight so that I can edit them and finally open up my Etsy store.  Hubby and I are very short on money right now, and any little bit would help us immensely!

Today has been an absolute whirlwind of activity at work.  We’ve got jobs coming in left and right, and today has passed by in record time.  I have some bindery work to do, and then it’s off to spend the evening with my darling husband.

And just maybe, if I pout enough, he’ll move my magnet board and hang up my bulletin board…

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