My Fifteen Minutes of Fame.

1/22/2001 by raspberryvixen

Ok, let’s talk about some exciting stuff.

As everybody knows, the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Sooper Bowl. Yes, people…the Baltimore Ravens are going to the Sooper Bowl!!! (What? You didn’t know that? WHAT?! Do you live under a rock?! HELLO??!!)

A n y w a y…..the Ravens’ pep rally was today (11 am)…just a gathering of about 50,000 (give or take a few) fans at the Inner Harbor. Just a little send-off before the Ravens board their flight to Tampa Bay.

(Go Ravens! Go Ravens! GO RAVENS!!)

Rewind to last week…..

I receive a call from the promotions director of 98 Rock. They’re one of the big radio stations in the Baltimore-metro area…and my favorite station. They need signs.

10,000 signs.

For the pep rally.

And they need me to set the back.

*Picks jaw up off the floor* Ok, I can do this. Nothing fancy at all. Just some simple block text that’s easy to read from a distance.


Wow. Ok, yeah, I can do this! Proof is approved and the signs go to press. We’re tripping over signs all over the pressroom for three days.

Sometime over the weekend it hits me…”Oh. My. God. MY WORK IS GOING TO BE SEEN ON TV!!!”

The signs were nothing spectacular, really.  Just the 98 Rock logo really big on one side in Pantone 2597 purple and RAVENS ROCK! on the other side in purple.

But I saw my work on TV.

And on

Ravens Rock, Bay-bee!

Tony Siragusa waves to fans as he arrives at the rally with other players.
(Sun photo by John Makely)


What a rush.  To see on the screen thousands of people at the Inner Harbor holding up signs that *I* typeset.


I’m famous.

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