Stupid Class…

9/19/2010 by raspberryvixen

Ugh.  This is just great.  Not only am I sicker than a dog, but my monthly visitor decided to stop in and say “Yo, bitch!  How’s it goin’?”

Not well at all, thank you very much.

In other words, I’m sick and cranky.  Not a great combination when one has a lot of things to do.  Empty the dishwasher?  No, thanks.  That takes too much energy.  Clean the kitchen.  Meh.  Same thing.

Unfortunately, I HAVE to clean the kitchen, since there’s stuff piled up on the stove and I have to boil some stupid beets for my stupid biology lab.

Stupid class.

Ohhh!  I can has rfid blocking wallet? It comes in PINK!!!

My mind is all over the place today, thanks to the cold medicine I’m taking.  Maybe I should go work on those stupid labs for my stupid biology class before my brain completely fails me…

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