Life, Bulleted.

10/29/2010 by raspberryvixen

The last few weeks, summed up with bullets:

  • School:  Intro to Biology?  Not so intro.  Professor sucks nuts.
  • School:  FOURTEEN HOURS of homework last Saturday.  Five hours that Sunday.
  • School:  Carrying an A average across five classes is a bitch and a half.
  • School: That A average won’t be an A average once conference participation, papers, and final exams are figured into my scores.  But for now?  It’s pretty.
  • Work: Closed. Done.  Fini.
  • Work:  I am now unemployed, and it SUCKS.
  • Work: Got to bring my computer home with me.
  • Work: Interviews. Training classes for this.  Tests for that.  Unemployment filed.
  • Life: Exhausting.
  • Life: In excruciating pain on almost a daily basis.
  • Life: Wondering how it is that I haven’t killed anybody yet.
  • Life: Missing my OBF.
  • Cats: Broken table lamps.
  • Cats: Claw marks all over my body.
  • Cats: Peed on clothes.
  • Computer: Destroyed.
  • Computer: Lost some very important files.  Then I lost the BACKUPS of some very important files.
  • Computer: New hard drive crashed.  Need to get on Seagate about that.
  • Husband: Have you cleaned the cat boxes yet?
  • Husband: Would you take out the trash?  Please?
  • Husband: Don’t make me divorce you, damn it.

And now, I really need to get to bed before I pass out on top of my netbook’s keyboard.

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