Reality Bites.

12/28/2004 by raspberryvixen

…and so does having to work the week after Christmas/before New Year’s.

Yesterday, I was out of the shop by 11 AM, which was absolutely perfect…if you don’t count the fact that that means my paycheck will be AT LEAST six hours short…

ANYway…got home around 11:30, chilled out on my computer for a while, waiting for the boy and his nephew to come pick me up so we could head off to Best Buy to get our new surround sound system. 1,000 watts of six speaker (plus sub!) sound for only $129.99, after the $25 rebate. And it’s a Koss system, which is even better.

It’s a nice slim-line system with a DVD/CD player, which means we could basically get rid of three components in our entertainment center for this one piece. But I’m not ready to give up my 5 disc CD changer JUST YET, even though it’s becoming more temperamental by the day.

The receiver has an AM/FM digital tuner in it, which is something we lack. We can’t listen to a radio out in our living room. It also reads all kinds of burned CDs/DVDs and MP3s. AND it has an SD card slot on the front.

The only thing that sucks is that I’m going to have to re-wire the ENTIRE FUCKING LIVING ROOM/ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. I think I have enough vodka left…

I think we’re going to attempt to do it on New Year’s Eve, after we get back from our shopping trip. I just need to pick up some more speaker wire and a new video switch box thingie.

And then mix up a Smirnoff Vanilla Twist Vodka and Diet Coke and get to work.

Methinks the boy will be hiding somewhere back in the office…


Also got my hairs done yesterday. Chop, chop, CHOP! Four and a half inches gone. My head feels lighter and my hair is bouncier and the curls are coming out. It looks cute, even put back in my ever-present pony tail.

We finally went over to see my exSIL and her husband. We had a nice dinner and sat around and got caught up on things and then exchanged presents. I so wasn’t expecting her to get me anything, but I wound up leaving with a cute snowman night light, a very VERY pretty tealight candle holder and a box of RASPBERRY CAPPUCCINO. *rawr* Does she know me, or what? ;)

They totally loved the baby stuff I got for them and I got to see her sonogram pictures of the little bean. Almost makes me want to have one of my own. ALMOST.

I think tonight I might work on cleaning out our walk-in closet in the bedroom so that I can start putting away our new wardrobe that we got for Christmas. I really need to get rid of a ton of clothes. I’m so out of space it’s not funny! I also need to rearrange furniture…there’s a chest of drawers I want to tuck into the closet and I’m hoping it’ll fit. That way, I can put a bunch of our shoes in there and get them out of the way.

Ah, what grand plans I have…

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