Christmas In Pictures.

12/29/2004 by raspberryvixen

Welcome to our Christmas in pictures! Yes, that’s right! Sit back as I subject you to pictures of some of the stuff we got for Christmas!

PC280001.jpg (48170 bytes)

Murron surveys the box that contains the goodies from her Sekrit
, Grandmeowmie and Paw-Paw and Meowmie and Daddy.

PC280002.jpg (70014 bytes) PC280003.jpg (64627 bytes)

Two shots of some of the presents under the tree.

PC280005.jpg (105250 bytes)

"Gimmee.  Gimmee.  GIMMEE."

PC280006.jpg (65455 bytes)

Why Murron’s so intent on getting into the box. I finally had to put everything away, since she kept climbing into the box and tossing stuff out onto the floor to chew on!

PC280007.jpg (67030 bytes)

DVDs.  Yay for Harrison Ford!

PC280008.jpg (58378 bytes)

Candles.  Yum.  I loves me some candles.

PC280010.jpg (63138 bytes)

My cute and adorable honey pot.  Which shall never see a
drop of honey put into it…

PC280011.jpg (52733 bytes)

The amazingly adorable box that K gave me my presents in. Isn’t it CUTE?!

PC280013.jpg (51326 bytes) PC280017.jpg (48600 bytes) PC280016.jpg (54556 bytes)

The dear girl knows me well.  Snowmen, snowmen and Flyers.  What more could a girl want?  Isn’t the ornament cute?

PC280019.jpg (60257 bytes)

Lush.  Need I say more?

PC280021.jpg (58761 bytes)

New sheets, cool colors.  Suffice it to say, my bed will
be in orange by this weekend!

PC280023.jpg (53548 bytes)

The end.

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