The Year That Was.

12/30/2004 by raspberryvixen

Sporty done did it. The Honorable Ms. Pants done did it, too.

So now it’s my turn.

The year 2004 in review.

If there’s one thing I can sucessfully say, it was a GOOD year. For once.

January: My team lost in 8-ball playoffs. Christmas tree came down…well before July. Blew tons of $$ on bath products. FINALLY got our youngest cat fixed. FILED FOR DIVORCE. Loved up on my hockey team.

February: Meeting of the parents. Taxes. STBX served with the divorce papers. THE BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVAH! Work computer commits computercide.

March: I join the ranks of the low carbies. New queen sized mattress. My car decides it doesn’t like its muffler anymore. Trip to the ER with a scratched cornea. DIVORCE COURT DATE NOT UNTIL JULY. Slightly angry month.

April: Still married on April Fool’s Day. Flyers make the playoffs. Hating my home computer. Bankruptcy court. New entertainment center. Asshole in a Dodge Ram runs over me and my car. The boy’s work pisses me off to the point of breakage. Flyers whup the Devils in Round One. Microsoft Word can still bite my ass. Happy Birthday, Dad!

May: “Get out of bed and shut off that alarm clock or I WILL KILL YOU.” Strip club. Hangovers. Fondue. OH MY! Flyers chew the Maple Leafs up and spit them out in Round Two. Happy Birthday, baby! Oh, Captain, My Captain. Happy Birthday, Mom! New CMS for my website, along with a new design. Bought a new film SLR.

June: Cicada dance. Tampa Bay wins the Stanley Cup. Boy’s work drives me INSANE. Loving WordPress. Bertuzzi charged. Mouth infection. I beat a 7 in 8-ball. Day trip to Central Pennsylvania.

July: DIVORCED. Became a Firefox junkie. Recchi goes back to the Penguins. Transferring archives is NO FUN. Pressman problems at work.

August: The boy gets a new job and tells the employer from hell to lick his nuts. Uncles dies. Shit hits the fan at work…pressman goes into rehab. Boss flys back early from a vacation in California. We hire a new pressman. The boy registers for two online college courses. He loves his new job. Counting down the days until vacation. Happy Birthday to me!

September: VA. CA. SHUN. New computer. New guitar. Bailey falls in love with a box. I realize that somewhere along the way, I lost a few chins! New camera phone. Damn good month.

October: New scanner, new wireless optical mouse, new speakers. New printer. AHL tickets seven rows off the ice. No NHL. The boy starts night shift. My favorite skinny chick gets married. Murron’s got scary eyes. Red Sox win the World Series.

November: My car decides it doesn’t like to hold idle. The boy hates night shift. The boy and I get our marriage license. Early Christmas cheer. Stay at home Thanksgiving. Tree up the Sunday after! Shopping. Drinking. Outback. OH MY. New flannel comforter. Favorite skinny chick preggers. I buy Harry Conick Jr. CDs.

December: Happy Anniversary, love! Got all the Christmas crap done EARLY. Up to my neck in Christmas Spirit, so much so that people think I’m ill. I stalk the UPS driver and our postwoman. We buy a new car the Friday before Christmas. Nothing says holiday like extensive debt! Mom and Dad come down for a visit. I finish two cross stitch projects. BEST CHRISTMAS EVAH! We buy a shiny new surround sound system.

All in all, not a bad year. Quite a good year, come to think about it.

And from this side of the fence, January is looking to be pretty damn good…even though our first car payment is due!

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  1. Bev says:

    Sounds like even though it was a year of many changes, you had a good year!!

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