Back To Square One.

8/29/2003 by raspberryvixen

Met with the surgeon yesterday. The boy was practically in tears by the time we left.

The good news is, he DOESN’T have a hernia. Once again, his family doctor is WRONG.

The bad news is, we’re basically back to square one.

We’ve got another appointment with the surgeon next Thursday. He wants to get the surgeon’s notes from when the boy originally had his appendix taken out. He said he did feel a lot of scar tissue in the boy’s belly. The lump that the boy felt last week? We’re thinking it was just a knotted up muscle due to the pain. The surgeon said he didn’t feel any type of protrusion, nor could he feel a hole. He also said incisional hernias at an appendectomy site are pretty rare.

So now we start all over again. He doesn’t want to go in to take a look around for fear of making things worse. As it stands, it could be quite some time before the boy gets any kind of comfort. It could be a neural problem, due to the scar tissue impinging on a nerve. Basically, the surgeon said we’ve got to work backwards…start from when he first got his appendix out. His appendix wasn’t the cause of the pain originally. The pathology report on the appendix states that the boy didn’t have a case of acute appendicitis and they probably shouldn’t have taken the appendix out in the first place.

The surgeon did tell him to go back to lifting and moving and doing what he normally does. If he DOES have a hernia, the doctor wants it to come out. (Oh, that just SO does not sound right!)

Back to square one again. To quote the boy, “I am so SICK AND TIRED of hearing ‘We’re back to square one again!’ Why can’t anybody figure out what’s wrong with me??!! Fix me!”

I feel so bad because all I can do is just hold his hand and be there with him every step of the way. He says that’s good enough. To me, it doesn’t feel right. I wish there was so much more I could do. Hell, I wish there was ANYTHING I could do!

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