8/29/2003 by raspberryvixen

I’ve been watching the clock with breathless anticipation. In less than two hours (maybe even less than that if the boss is nice enough to kick me out early!) I will be on vacation. Vacation, glorious vacation. I need to decompress. The boy needs to decompress. We both need time away…from our jobs, pool, stress, our lives. And so we shall enjoy sandy beaches, crashing waves and Mack’s Pizza. Miniature golf, a trip to Winterwood and Cape May Wicker for some shopping and good eating about town.

I can’t wait.

A gathering of friends tonight for food, drinks and games to celebrate my upcoming birthday and then off to the beach on the morrow.

Have a happy holiday weekend, kids. Play nicely while I’m gone. Try not to break things, and be nice to each other! Don’t start any flame wars until I get back!


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