A Shocking Situation.

8/13/2003 by raspberryvixen

Well, this entry is being typed in notepad. *shiver* My hosting company is having some problems at the moment, things that are keeping us from updating our respective sites, and along with that, my work computer is having a nervous breakdown, so I couldn’t do any updating if I tried, as Front Page keeps faulting out. Yes, I know I could FTP my site to my host, as all the problems therein lie with some kind of update my hosting company has installed, and those of us who deign it necessary to use Front Page are patiently waiting on the sidelines, and have been since early Monday morning. Yes, I use Front Page. Don’t knock the FP, man. Besides, I code 93.4% of the html and CSS on my own.

I have no complaints on that aspect. We are hosted for free, thanks to the generosity of the STBX. I have a good chunk of gigs with in which to play. He hosts the boy’s site for free. All out of the goodness of his little black heart.


Well, yesterday was interesting, to say the least. The poor boy was hooked up to electrodes, had needles put into his scalp, and zapped, all in the name of medicine. The stupid doctor (I’m really starting to hate hate HATE this guy!) thinks that the nerves in his thoracic spine are swollen and irritated, due to some vertebrae damage. Maybe. The boy is having an MRI done tomorrow morning…the doc said he wanted to wait until he got those images to make a more complete “diagnosis.” And I say that with quite a bit of sarcasm there. I’m starting to seriously doubt that this guy is going to be able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. And WHY. The boy and I both want desperately to know why he hurts so bad, why he is “damaged” the way he is. I’m starting to think all this guy wants to do is drug my sweetheart up and poke him with needles.

Ever since the last round of shot in his spine, the boy has implored to me (in the most childish sounding voice that has had me on the verge of tears more than once, along with the biggest of pouts), “No more needles, honey. Please. No more.” And I am more than happy to oblige him on that request. I hate seeing him in so much pain, and when the supposed “cure” or “relief” is causing more pain, forget it.

The doctor said something yesterday after he was done the testing about giving the boy more needles and I about had an aneurysm.

“No. Those shots are causing him more pain than they’re worth. The last time, he was flat on his back for four days in excruciating pain and the medicine itself lasted barely a week.”

“Well,” the doctor replied, “We can always change the medicine.”

“No!” It was at this point that I was SERIOUSLY starting to become angry. “It was NOT the medicine! It was the needles themselves! The pain in his side was gone but his back was in agony!”

I think I finally got through to the doctor. We’ll see what happens after he gets the MRI images.

But for now, my poor baby has to take another half-dozen medications. In fact, he has to take an antihistamine 15 minutes BEFORE he takes his pain pill…to counter the side-effects of the pain pill! It also increases the effect of the narcotic without adding more narcotics. Really inspires confidence, doesn’t it?

And once again, he hasn’t been to work since last Thursday.

He’s hurting and I’m about out of my head over all of this.

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