Memorial Weekend Recap.

6/2/2005 by raspberryvixen

I’m feeling all sniffly and my stomach is making more noises than the copier right now. Do I really have to go to pool tonight?

It was really nice for both the boy and I to have off this past weekend. We got tons of stuff done, although there’s still so much more shit to do.

Friday night, I went to the bar and spent all night in the same seat as K and I played the new and improved quarter muncher all night. For those not in the know, quarter munchers are bar-top video game systems that suck you in for hours at a time. We played trivia for hours with different people joining us all night. Some of the stuff was funny as shit…there’s one point in the game where you have to match six things with six other things, say, hockey teams and their towns. Imagine a bunch of drunk people all singing different parts of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to try and figure out how many pipers were piping!

Saturday, I piddled about the apartment whilst the boy slept. I cleaned house a bit and took some chicken out for dinner. He got out of bed around 3 and we spent some quality time together. I made us a nice dinner, then we headed up to the Wal*Mart in Shrewsbury, PA to do our grocery/stuff shopping.

Two hours and $200+ later, we had tons of food and other assorted goodies loaded into the car and we headed home. How I managed to fit everything in the freezer is beyond me.

Funniest part of the trip…the boy and I were in the…uh…the “Family Planning” section, looking for condoms. Reproduction is a no-no for the time being.

“Here, honey, what do you think of these?” I’d ask, tossing him a box.
“How about these?” as I tossed him another box.
This went back and forth for a few minutes. I heard a motor whirring behind me and turned around to see a little old person come wheeling around the bend in a motorized cart. They (and I say “they” because neither of us could figure out whether it was a man or a woman!) stopped the cart right behind me. I heard a dissaproving noise as I tossed another box over to the boy.
“WHAT ABOUT THESE? THESE CREATE A GENTLE WARMING SENSATION.” I said, me being the eveil creature that I am.
I heard a gasp and then the cart backed up and shot back around the corner.
I smiled at the boy and tossed a box into the cart.
“These’ll do!”

Sunday, I so didn’t want to roll out of bed when the alarm went off. Almost didn’t feel like going up to my Mom and Dad’s for the day, but this was the first time the boy was actually able to go up there with me. Of course, we took Mom shopping. I heart me some Tarjhet! ;)

Dad BBQ’d ribs, chicken and a deer roast for dinner. We stuffed ourselves with meat, and then Dad, the boy and I settled in to watch the Nextel Cup race AND the Phantoms game. It was nice to actually get to see some hockey again, and even sweeter when the Phantoms won to advance to the Calder Cup Finals!

Monday, the boy and I did a bunch of housecleaning. He vacuumed and then I washed the kitchen floor. I did the dishes and got all the laundry done. I got a bunch of shit put away. Then we spent some serious quality time together over leftovers and a Law & Order marathon. It was a perfect capper to a very nice weekend.

The rest of this week has gone by rather fast. Tuesday, co-worker #1 and I cut out of work a few hours early to go shopping at a store closing sale. Whoops. Did I really spend THAT MUCH money? Heh.

Yesterday, I got beat in the first match…20 – 0. Yay. So much for me being a 4 after the meeting this upcoming Sunday. Best part of the evening was coming home with a nice wad of dough in my pocket.

Today….Holy McFuck, my stomach is killing me right now, I’m bored as shit, I feel the need to spend money, the boy got dental work done this morning WITHOUT ASKING HOW MUCH IT WAS GONNA COST, I found out the boy’s paycheck wasn’t deposited AND I don’t want to go to pool tonight because I’m shooting like shit, I feel antisocial and I don’t feel good.

Wow. Lots of commas.

Oh, and, um…yeah. I updated the site to the latest revision of WordPress. See something funny? Lemme know.

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for coming by Lisa, everything is fine! I am sorry your not feeling good :( – I hope that gets better quick!

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