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6/6/2005 by raspberryvixen

Gah, what a weekend. Actually, was there even a weekend? It flew by too fast. I think the only time I got to relax was when I was soaking in the tub last night.

Oy. It all started on Friday. Got out of work an hour early. Got home to find our big tank had suddenly clouded up. No big thing, or so we thought. The boy and I headed off to Home Depot to do some shopping.

Spent a few hours wandering around the Depot. Got paint to paint the apartment. Got new blinds, corner shelves for the surround sound speakers and pretty hanging baskets for our deck. $300 later, we were done and headed to dinner.

Had the absolute worst meal we’ve ever had. If you live in MD, don’t eat at the Double T Diner in Bel Air. EVER. The food was awful and the service was worse. Ugh. We’ll never go back there again!

When we got home, we found the big fish tank so clouded up we could barely see Tigger swimming around in there…and my huge catfish, Spot…the one that I’ve had since the ex and I had Da Boyz…was dead and stuck to the side of the filter. The tank had also developed a very nasty smell.

This emergency tank maintence late at night is getting on my nerves.

I fished Spot out of the tank (har) and bagged him up, as he was way too big to flush. Then the boy and I did a water change. Of course, I was out of filter pads, so I rinsed out the ones I had and we planned a trip to Aquarium Center Saturday morning. We put the tank back together and I ran some tests on the tank…the pH was elevated, so I threw some neutralizer in. All the rest of the test came out fine.

All that’s left in the tank now is Tigger and one lonely little Cory.

Saturday, we headed to Aquarium Center. The boy got it in his head suddenly that he wanted a new tank. Argh! We found a nice stand/tank/hood combo for $199. I think it was a 26 gallon. Of course, he starts wanting a new tank…*I* start wanting a new tank. I convince him to call out of work (bad boy!) and we headed up to our favorite pet store in PA.

Three hours later, we decide on doing another salt tank to replace the ten gallon salt tank we have that’s sitting on our bar with a lonel little camelback shrimp in it. We settle on a nice 29 gallon tank, a natural-ish wood stand, and a brown hood/light combo.

We also come home with a new hamster named Sidney. Yes, a hamster.

We picked up a pizza for dinner on the way home and finally got in around 10. I got the hamster into his new home and the boy and I ate dinner while watching Murron stare down our new houseguest. She was so funny. We decided to put the hamster cage in the office so we can keep the door closed while we’re not home.

After we ate, we headed off to Wal*Mart to pick up a few odds and ends and ended up spending almost $200 on clothes and shoes and other stuff. It was almost 2 AM by the time we got home!

Sunday, we spent the day setting the fish tank up. Got the salt water all mixed up and got the tank 3/4′s of the way filled. There’s black sand at the bottom interspersed with purple rocks. We also wanted orange rocks for a Flyers/Phantoms tank, but they didn’t have any. There’s also a statue and some relics strew about to give it a bit of a retro-ancient look. It looks pretty cool and it’ll look even better once we decide on what kind of fish we want!

The boy just has to bracket the stand to the wall to sturdy it up and then I’ll finish filling it up and get everything else done and then we can let it cycle for a bit! The filter’s already got an established bacteria system in it, since I just took it off the old tank. I may end up adding a second filter to it, just for shits and giggles.

After the boy went to work, I cleaned up around the house a bit, did some laundry and then took a long soak in a warm bubble bath with a good book. Got wrapped up in a new computer game and went to bed a bit too late. Didin’t matter, ’cause I couldn’t sleep. I seriously hate Sunday nights!

Today includes stalking the UPS boy and doing all I can to NOT work…but look like I am!

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