6/7/2005 by raspberryvixen

So super bored right now. We are busy, but I’ve got no work on my desk.

UPS guy just dropped off three packages for me. Yay for bath products.

I’ve got a nasty little headache that can’t seem to make up its mind where it wants to reside. When I got out of bed this morning, it was sitting in my temples. It’s now in my temples, my eyebrows and my nose. Yes, I took stuff. No, it hasn’t worked.

GreenZap is live now. Go. SIGN UP. Get free WebCash. Help me earn cash. I have to pay my eBay bills somehow.

My stomach has been so screwy lately. Every time after I eat lunch at work, it goes all ninja on me and starts freaking out. Growling and grumbling and rolling over. I think I might give birth to an alien sometime soon…

I finished getting the aquarium set up last night. Got the heater installed and finished filling it. Hubby had braced the stand to the wall before I got home. Tank looks damn good. I’ll do tests tonight to see how the water parameters are coming along, and if all goes well, we’ll have new fish by the weekend.

Wow. I just happened to look down to see that I’ve got some major cleavage thing going on. I think I like this bra.

Couldn’t do much of anything last night after I got the tank set up, thanks to the massive storm that rolled through and blew out the power for almost two hours…along with my sub/speakers on my computer. Guess I’ll have to hit Best Buy, since buying a new set will be cheaper than taking advantage of the warranty…the speakers are only nine months old. And yes, they WERE plugged into a surge protector.

Shit happens!

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