Happy Humpy Day.

6/29/2005 by raspberryvixen

Today has included:

Spilling Diet Coke all over my keyboard, desk and floor…the bottle went WOOSH! when I opened it.

Cracking my head on my desk as I was trying to sop the soda up off the floor.

Joined yet ANOTHER book club. Like I don’t have enough books to read already.

Got the electronic notification that my car insurance is up for renewal. Yee ha. Oh, yeah…then there’s the fact that his parents have said we need to take over paying for his car insurance. It was nice of them to pay it while it lasted.

FINALLY got the boy registered for classes. The ultimate suck factor in the whole thing…he has to take ONE programming course to get the degree he’s going for (Internet and Multimedia Technology), so I try to register him for the Visual Basic class. Easiest of the languages to learn.

No go. In order to take ANY of the required courses, he has to take Intro to Programming, which IS NOT on his class requirements/electives list! So he has to take an extra class he doesn’t need to get his degree in order to take a class he does need. Rather annoying.

Then there was the fact he had to go back over to the school yesterday to RETAKE the math placement test he had taken last month. Thanks for losing his scores, people! As of yesterday, I couldn’t get him registered for ANYTHING. I tried today and said what the hell, let’s give it a shot. Our final conversation last night before he was off to work was that he wasn’t going to take classes this semester…but that was because he couldn’t get registered due to the prerequisites for the one class and the missing math test scores for the other.

I shudder to think what he’s going to say when he finds out he IS taking classes next semester…

Yay. Just talked to the single most annoying customer service rep EVAH to cancel my free trial subscription to Real.com. It’s a bad sign that I wanted to reach through the phone and pull his tongue out of his head within the first ten seconds of the phone call.

Oh, well. Off to spend money I don’t have on the internets.

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