You Can’t Leave Me Alone For More Than A Minute.

6/30/2004 by raspberryvixen

Got home from work and decided that enough was enough.

greyhair.jpg (37236 bytes)

The grey hairs just had to go.

A while back on a Tarjhet shopping spree, there was a woman with a hair dye coupon, and that woman was me.

hairdye.jpg (34500 bytes)

I bought one box of the stuff. Quite the departure from my normal obnoxious red. I haven’t had dark hair in YEARS. And now, my faded red, three inch dark roots and grey frickin’ hair was getting on my nerves.

hair1.jpg (35142 bytes) hair2.jpg (36892 bytes)

It was time for a change. I’ve lost 20+ pounds. My divorce hearing is FRIDAY MORNING. Things are different. Time to make the hair look different, as well.

hair3.jpg (35994 bytes) hair4.jpg (34047 bytes)

It’s dark. A dark burgundy/purplish color. (The camera didn’t really pick up the colors well at all.) It’s a stark contrast between my hair and the paleness of my face. And it definitely needs a good cut.

I think I like it.

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  1. Linda says:

    Cool Beans! Go radical and have some fun! I LURVE messing with my hair!!

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