It Is Done.

7/2/2004 by raspberryvixen

I am now DIVORCED!

*does a happy chair dance*


We had to wait through a whole bunch of other court cases…one was a sentencing hearing for a child molester. It went on for 45 minutes and was just not nice.

Then the courtroom cleared out. It was just me, my best friend, the STBX and his witness.

They called the case. I got up and testified. The judge told me that he COULDN’T grant me health insurance.

My STBX pipes up from where he’s sitting and tells the judge the he PERSONALLY is GOING TO PAY FOR MY INSURANCE FOR THE NEXT 18 MONTHS. It’s going to automatically be deducted from his paycheck, but he will take care of me in that regard.

I was almost in tears. Frankly, it is the single nicest thing he’s ever done. (Other than host all my websites.)

The judge then called my best friend to the stand to testify about the separation. Since the whole divorce was really pretty cut and dried, my STBX didn’t even have to testify.

The whole thing took no more than ten minutes. Bing, bang, boom, I walked out of there divorced and with health insurance.

I’m happy about the whole process being over. The ex (Yes, I can call him that now!) and I did have a good marriage in the beginning. But over the years we just drifted apart, got involved in other things and spent more and more time apart. There were a lot of happy memories. But it’s nice to have that chapter of my life closed. I feel that I can finally move on…even though I have already done that, as has he, but now with the divorce there’s no strings binding the two of us together any more.

Life is really, REALLY good right now. (Of course, now that I’ve said that, Murphy’s Law is gonna come ride my ass hard core…)

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  1. Karl says:

    God Bless and congrats on a new beginning.

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