Monday, Monday, La La La La La…

7/18/2005 by raspberryvixen

I am blessed by the fact that the boy likes to indulge me in my little hobbies/fantasies/collections/etc.

Thursday night, we spent time together (our six month wedding anniversary, mind you!) traipsing around town looking for some certain Episode III toys. Yes, TOYS. Came away with two out of ten that I wanted.

Pathetic, aren’t I?

It’s called Peter Pan syndrome, and I suffer from a severe case of it. I REFUSE to grow up!

Friday, I ordered four other figures from online. They’re supposed to ship out today.

That night, after smashing the shit out of my foot, hubby and I got the one small bookcase moved over and the new full-sized one put in its rightful place. I’ve only gotten one of the shelves installed so far. But all my Star Wars books are in their proper places in the smaller bookcase.

I’m just waiting for the 13 Jedi Quest novels to darken my doorstep. Two I had to get off of eBay, as they’re no longer in print, and I paid a pretty penny for them. This series of books goes between Episodes I and II. Granted, they’re for younger readers, but they come highly rated as good reads.

Saturday, the boy and I went to the bank and I took him out to lunch, then we came home and he caught some zzz’s before he had to head of to work. I didn’t do much else except for paying bills and a little bit of laundry.

Sunday? Ugh, Sundays. Nasty little demon headache. Spent most of the day passed out on the couch. Dyed my hair after the boy left for work, took a long shower to relax my muscles and spent the rest of the night watching Episodes I and II. Tried to finish up the laundry but the dryer quit working…it won’t spin if there’s a load in it and it will spin when it’s empty. Go figure. Dropped a ton of money on Amazon. Stalked some auctions and went to bed later than I should.

Today, I’ve got a severe case of the Mondays. I don’t feel like doing a damn thing and I can’t wait until this day is over. I did call the rental office and told them about the dryer and also about how our overhead light in the kitchen only works when it wants to. Luckily, we’re not responsible for changing out the fluorescent bulbs!

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  1. Bev says:

    You’d love my daughter Sarah’s (the nurse) new scrubs for work. They’re Star Wars scrubs! LOL

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