Another Day In The Life.

7/26/2005 by raspberryvixen

What my life seems to consist of lately:

Lack of sleep: My body seems to think sleeping is irrelevant lately. I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep in over two weeks.

Missing weekends: This past weekend FLEW by. The husband was supposed to work Friday night, but they switched his days and had him work Saturday night instead, which threw a bit of a kink into things. Hell, I can’t even REMEMBER what we did Friday night after I got home from work, but I’m sure it consisted of nothing more than couch/computer time.

Saturday? Psht. It got lost somewhere. I couldn’t tell you what I did, other than laundry.

Sunday…yeah, I remember Sunday. The boy got home from work around 8 AM, crawled into bed and then both of us were out of bed by 10:30. It was a miserable morning. I had a nasty headache and the shakes from getting hardly any sleep, and he was cranky. I spent all day crashed out on the couch watching the race in Pocono. Don’t remember much of it…woke up with about 30 laps to go.

Star Wars insanity: Got my big order of books in from Amazon yesterday. Four of the books were damaged. Sent an email to Amazon’s customer service…within a half an hour I had a response back from a live person…new books were being shipped out two day at no charge, and all I had to do was send the damaged books back…they’d even pay the shipping! Color me MEGA IMPRESSED with Amazon yet again.

And why is it I always get a $10 Amazon gift certificate reward for a survey AFTER I’ve placed an order? Grrrr.

Got my Star Wars figures in from Hasbro. I’m waffling back and forth in that age old controversy…

Keep ‘em wrapped or unwrap ‘em?

It’s not like I’m ever going to sell them. I’m also thinking of de-packaging all of my new My Little Ponies, as well.

Yes, hello, my name is Lisa, and I’m a collector.

(FINE, jerk. I’m a pack rat. I’m working on that! I swear!)

Hubby dearest is going to be unhappy with me when I hang up all my Anakin Skywalker 8x10s in our office. Methinks I must acquire one for him…of Princess Leia in the metal bikini…

Flat tires: Went to leave the parking garage at work last Tuesday and found my driver’s side front tire flat on the rim. Got the spare on and went down to the tire place around the corner. Came out about 45 minutes later with two new front tires and $130 less in my wallet. I wasn’t a happy camper.

Work: Let me sum it up simply.

BUSY. AS. SHIT. It’s been an interesting summer here at work, to say the least. A complete 180 from last summer, where I was taking unpaid days off just to save the boss some money, ’cause I’m nice like that…

Pool: I’ve been winning. Scary. I haven’t been spending much time at the bar outside of pool lately, due to the fact that we’re short on money, thanks to…

The fish tanks: The new filter on the salt water tank seemed to have broken in. Water cleared up and the tank was looking beautiful.

For one. Whole. Week. Fuckin’ A. Back to square one.

The plants we had replaced because they were coated in brown algae? The new ones are getting covered. The water that had been beautifully crystal clear? Clouding up again.

(Remind me to throttle the boy…I wanted another freshwater tank with an albino oscar. He doesn’t think they’re PRETTY ENOUGH. GRRRRR.)

Tigger’s tank, on the other hand, is bright, beautiful and clear. Tigger? Not so happy. One of these days I’m going to come home from work and find him dead on the floor, having broken the glass of the tank by SPITTING ROCKS OUT AT IT. He’s rearranged the furniture in the tank hard-core and has burrowed himself a nest into the back corner of the tank. There he sits, staring and plotting ways to take over the world…

Fingers: Ouch. Ouch. And OUCH. The thumb on my left hand is mangled…papercuts galore and one of them is a wee bit infected. I also managed to snap the nail off of my middle finger of the same hand.

Must. Get. Nails. Filled. NOW.

Yesterday: Boss was kind enough to let me cut out of work at 3. Got home and ensconced myself in front of my computer. Scored myself some new games to play. Got all the upcoming bills paid. Balanced the bank accounts. Did the dishes. Put away a bunch of stuff.

Got more accomplished in a few hours after work on a Monday than I did all damn weekend.

And now? It’s time for me to go score some more caffeine before I fall asleep…

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  1. redsaid says:

    Hey girl!

    Praytell, where on Earth does one fill out surveys and get Amazon gift certs?!?

    Ouch, hope your hands/nails heal up soon!

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