First 8 On The Break.

1/20/2000 by raspberryvixen

I’m back to playing pool four nights a week. Already the third week of the session and I am burned out. I think I’m hovering on getting sick again. My 9-ball teams are struggling. I’m struggling. I’m a 3 now in 8-ball…a permanent 2 in 9-ball, it would seem. I’ve been playing my ass off lately…my game has gotten better. In my opinion, anyways! ;)

Last night, while the hubby and I were shooting a partner’s pick-up game, a miracle happened.

I sink the 8-ball to win the rack. The next players rack. I get up to the table, put my stick down, line up and…


The whole bar (those that were sober enough and somewhat paying attention, although, I think everybody was because I let out a hell of a screech!) went nuts. I was almost on the floor. Total shock, to say the least. And hell, what an adrenaline rush!

Now, my hubby has a major record for 8-ball breaks. He made 32 in 1998. He made 25 last year. 3 so far this year. None in league though. My goal for this year is to get one in league before he does. ;)

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