Moving In Slow Circles.

8/17/2000 by raspberryvixen

Got out of work really early yesterday. Hubby came to work to do some stuff for my boss so he could earn some extra cash. Finished up much earlier than expected, so we were out of the office by 2 PM.

Got home and did tons more work on the web page. I’m slowly converting all the pages over to the new format, tweaking and streamlining things so everything looks uniform. Quality control, don’tcha know!

I really like this “quieter” version of my page. It’s easy on the eyes, and not overly busy. Also more professional looking.

Well, we have tier-2 semi-finals tonight. We lost on Tuesday…a real heartbreaker. It was not a happy night. The new session starts this upcoming Tuesday, so I’ll be back into the thick of things again. But I’m taking more time for myself. I’m only shooting two nights this upcoming session, Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday 9-ball, since it’s my team and I just can’t seem to give it up, even though now I thoroughly suck at 9-ball. I’m staying with my Tuesday team because Mike (Dawg) made me co-captain and I love shooting with this team.

The Verizon strike drags on. Unhappy things happening on the home front because of it. Troubles abound.

Life moves on in slow circles, the same pattern repeating.

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