Verizon On Strike, Week Three.

8/22/2000 by raspberryvixen

Was out sick yesterday due to a headache. Not that there’s really all that much stress in my life. Yeah, right. Hubby is STILL on strike, even though most of the strike has been settled…the Mid-Atlantic branch of the union is still bargaining on some things. He is itching to get back to work. As much as I love having him home, I’m itching for him to go back to work! Money is tight, but we should be able to make it. I’m a whiz at stretching money…we’re so used to living paycheck to paycheck anyways, I really don’t think we’d know how to handle things if we actually did have money saved away.

He picked up his first (and hopefully ONLY) “strike relief fund” check yesterday. The money will definitely help, and it sits socked away in our savings account. If we can get through the next two weeks without touching it, we’ll be good to go.

Sometimes I hate being optimistic, but it does look like the strike will be ending for him sometime this week. I pray that it does, otherwise I’m not going to have any money at all when I go away next week!

And I’m so looking forward to my vacation. My birthday is nine days away (yippee…two years closer to thirty!), my party on the 1st, and then I’m off to Sea Isle in New Jersey with my parents. Four blissful days of peace and quiet. Sun, sand and stitching. Oh, and wondering what the hubby is doing…

And wondering if my cats have been fed!

8-ball session starts up again tonight. I’m really looking forward to this new session.

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