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Our Kinda Town

For the first 22 years of my life, I lived in Pennsylvania in little town about 15-20 minutes southwest of Philadelphia.  My mom is a homemaker, my dad an experienced machinist.  I love and miss them both dearly.  I also lived with my dog Brittany, the sweetest, most intelligent black lab you've ever had the pleasure to meet.

In August of 1994, my boyfriend Joe (now my husband) and I moved down to Maryland.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, leaving all my family behind.  We live in an apartment complex right near the water.  Our apartment is huge and has a nice view, but not nearly enough room for all my stuff.  Hubby can fit all his stuff in a closet.  I need a whole house!  NEED, mind you.  Want?  As long as it comes with a maid, sure, I want a house!

And then there are my friends, some of whom I'm closer to than I am to the rest of my family...

jl.jpg (105200 bytes)

Our first formal portrait and our first Christmas together as a married couple, 1995.

murron.JPG (35518 bytes)

You're invited to the little corner of the globe known as "Murron's World!"

Click on the picture to gain entrance.

mom.jpg (53961 bytes)

Say hi to Mom! This is her senior portrait, taken sometime in 1964.

dad.jpg (125879 bytes)

Here's Dad, doing his best James Dean impression. Summer 1969.

wildrose&jimmyz.jpg (66855 bytes)

This is me and the hubby, a few days after we got engaged. We're at Gunpowder State Park. He pretty much had to drag me up to that rock!

l&jwed.jpg (56798 bytes)

Joe and I on our wedding day, April 1, 1995.

The Brothers Carroll.

Joe and his younger brother Ted on our wedding day. He's finally getting married to his long-time girlfriend...he proposed to her on Christmas Day, 2000!

Party On!

Joe and I at a party at his dad's house in June of 1996.

Good Dog!

Me and Brittany in the fall of 1997.

halloween.jpg (55195 bytes)

Me and Joe at the old Stonewall Inn for the Halloween party in 1998.

me&joeboat.jpg (34776 bytes)

Me and the husband on a company sponsored night out in 1999, when he worked for Computer Renaissance.

momdad.jpg (47974 bytes)

Mom and Dad in England in 1994. Boy, did I have one hell of a party at the house when they were gone!!

There are a few friends I keep close to my heart, and one who will stay forever in my heart.

Melissa:  You have always been a really good friend.  Always there when I need you.  The best "wife" a girl could have!

Heather:  Even though we don't talk as often as we should, we always pick up right where we ended.  When you gonna come down here and hang out with me??

John:  Married and with family...something I will never have. Granted, for me that's not a bad thing!  I'm very happy for you, if not a tad bit jealous.  Although I know I don't envy your lack of sleep or your stress levels!

Kenny:  I know you'll never be able to read this, or maybe you're sitting on my shoulder reading it as I type it.  There's nothing more that I can say other than I miss you.  You were a very big part of my life for so long.  But you did what you thought was best, even though some of us disagree.  See you on the other side, Phantom!  I just wish you would have said goodbye.

Christy: My other favorite skinny chick. 

Dan & Lisa: Will the real Slim Shady please shut up!

Jason:  Somehow, you always manage to forgive me.  Thanks for being a friend.

Kristin:  You're da bomb.  What else can I say?  Oh, ok.  Methinks someone's been possessed by the DEVIL.......

Mike:  Good Dawg.  ;)

Michelle:  Love you like a sis, bitch!  You're my #1!  GO FLYERS GO!!!!

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